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Village International strongly believes that access to education and food promotes good health, advances the equality of females, helps reduce child poverty and deepens social inclusion in communities.



We aim to empower youth withing the GTA in their post-secondary endeavours, provide access to resources, build peer mentoring relationships, and equip them with coping, goal-setting, communication, and other life skills. We also strive to create a safe space for like-minded youth to interact and support each other with the guidance of a mentor.

More information for the Spring 2023 cohort coming soon. 



Each January in Namibia, many families struggle to equip their children with the necessary supplies to begin the school year. The Oshatotwa Combine School project initiative helps to provide low-income students with the tools required to prepare them for a successful school year and beyond.

We successfully donated essential educational materials for 10 classrooms and 100 students. With the help of our generous donors, students and educators are gifted with basic stationery supplies which encourage students to feel more confident in their ability to succeed.    

DONATE TODAY, and help us continue to help vulnerable students go to school with the right attitude and tools for them to achieve their fullest potential.



Our Let’s Eat program hands out warm lunches to young children living in the poorest communities in Namibia. The program’s goal is to make nutritious food accessible to those in need by hosting warm lunch events where children are invited to enjoy a free hot meal.

At Village International, we believe that children should focus on playing, learning, and engaging with peers rather than where their next meal will be coming from. 



Women bring life into the world. During their menstrual period, every woman and girl deserves dignity. Feminine hygiene products are essential to this as they build self-confidence and esteem.

Unfortunately, if you are from a low-income family, these products are difficult to access. However, we’re providing feminine hygiene solutions to young females. 

List of items in Kit:

  1. Deodorant

  2. Soap/Lotion

  3. Tampons and/or pads

  4. Underwear (with tags)

  5. Wet wipes

  6. Shampoo/Conditioner

  7. Toothbrush/Toothpaste

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